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Pierre Bossier Mall

The Elf of Pierre Bossier Mall at Find Me!

Location pin iconPierre Bossier Mall

Calendar icon Now – Tue, Dec 24

Come find me!

The Elf of Pierre Bossier Mall

“At holiday time I help Santa at the Mall to watch and report on all that you do.  I am Santa’s helper, a friendly elf scout!  Every Monday I hide deep in the mall before you awake, and then you must find the new spot I will take!  If you are the first to find little old me, tell the adult you are with so they may help you take me to a security guard.  Santa is giving free pictures you see….to the little one who finds me! “

To win you must turn the Elf of Pierre Bossier Mall into a security guard.  They will take your name and contact information and give you a special ticket.  When you are ready for your pictures you will receive package “C” as your prize at the Santa Photo Set.  At the set the photographer will take your ticket and compare it to the list that the Elf has given them.  

Clue for 12/02/2019         I am sitting in a “ship” and can’t wait to see the earth from the moon!

Clue for 12/09/2019         Christmas Hustle and Bustle gives me an appetite!

Clue from 12/16/2019     New Mom’s find a chance to rest here and visit with baby.

Clue from 12/23/2019     I am “planted” near Santa!